Who Was Anne Frank?

Review Date: 05/24/2018 Abramson, Ann
Not Acceptable
Grades: N/A
Story about famous Jewish girl who was killed after her hideout was discovered.It says that her family was Jewish and they celebrated some Jewish holiday but not all because "there were Jewish practices they chose not to follow". Black and white illustration of girls wearing old fashioned swim suits at the beach.Mentions that while on vacation at a friend's house "she first started noticing boys"- illustration of boys looking at laughing girl on the beach. Writes in her diary about a boy she liked. Falls in love with a boy in the hideout- when he kissed her for the first time she wrote "I am not alone anymore;he loves me. I love him". When the Nazis said Jews not allowed in movie theaters her parents rented movies to show at home because she was upset. Mention that movies were made about her life (illustration of movie theater). Says she was a big movie fan - talks about her favorite movie star etc.